Ensure Your Hotel in Thailand Is Guest Friendly

Thailand is a special country to visit so it’s no wonder that it is a tourist haven for many people around the world. A favorite destination among people from USA, Canada, England, Russia and more, many people love to go there for either a vacation while others choose to stay longer.

About Travel Visas

If you are from Canada for example, you can travel throughout Thailand for a maximum of 30 days. You can get an extension from Thai Immigration but if you are planning on staying more than 30 days you should get a visa from the Thai Consulate. This will ensure that you have no issues if staying past 30 days. Currently the visa is $50 and that will enable you to stay for a maximum of 60 days. You can extend this for another 30 days, but will need to visit the thai immigration office – be prepared to spend at least half a day there as it’s very busy.

Choices of Hotels, Guest Houses or Long Term Stays

Once in Thailand you have a few choices of where to stay. If you are staying in one place for a month or 2, then you should definitely consider looking into a short term rental at a building. You will pay a lot less this way even though hotels are considerably cheaper than in the west.

If you are going to stay for a few days in Pattaya for example, then either Air-bnb or a Hotel is a good choice and pretty much the only option. There are guest houses as well and you can find a cheap guest house for around $20 CDN a night.  You can spend up to $200 or more a night on a hotel if you wish, but the option is up to you.

One consideration to take when booking a hotel or guest house in Thailand is that if you are planning on bringing a guest to your room, make sure that you choose the 2 people option when booking on sites like Agoda. If you end up meeting a friend and he or she is not registered with the hotel, you could get dinged with an extra fee. That’s why you should always book a guest friendly hotel just to ensure that you won’t be charged a joiner fee as this is what they usually call it.

Read the Hotel Reviews

Once you have chosen your hotel or guest house of choice, be sure to read the reviews and see what people are talking about. If you see some random reviews that point out a particular negative just once, then it could be fake and possibly the guest had a beef with the hotel or something. However, if you see consistencies, such as 10 people complained about cockroaches in the room, then unless you love cockroaches, you might want to steer clear of that hotel.

Room Safe

Most hotels in Thailand will have a safe in the room. Although hotels are generally safe and very seldom have problems, you could run into an issue with a guest that you bring to your room. For example if you meet a lady and want to have some drinks with her in your room, be sure to lock your valuables in the safe as there have been reports of thefts that happen this way. Sometimes they will drug you or when you aren’t looking take something. Be careful. Fortunately, a lot of hotels that are also guest friendly, have a policy where your guest needs to leave their ID at the front counter. When they leave, the hotel may call your room to make sure you are ok and aware. This is a great policy as it protects customers and avoids any negative reviews which hotels cannot afford in this competitive environment.